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Fume Extraction Systems

To ensure a safe and hygienic work environment, it is essential to seek out fume extraction from Australian Dust Control.


Thanks to our fume extraction systems worksites can adequately filter and extract fumes. We custom design fume extraction systems in Australia to suit businesses of all sizes and types, from seed processing plants to pharmaceutical factories, and complete flawless installations for reliable system performance.

  • Economical

  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Low Noise Emission

  • Supply Only or Turn-Key

Simply contact the professionals at Australian Dust Control to determine the best solution for your worksite.

We also provide specialised welding fume extractors in Australia, along with industrial fans, spray booths, and other dust control systems for all major cities, including Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Evolution Fume Arm

Sizes available from 100mm dia / 2m to 250mm dia / 4m
Arm with rotary bearing. Wall bracket can be supplied as an option. 
The EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE suction arm is used in welding fumes extraction systems, gas extraction, suction of vapours, aerosol, oil fumes, dust, etc. The EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE suction arms have been designed and manufactured on the basis and in compliance with applicable safety regulations in the workplace, and the extraction of noxious fumes and contaminants from the work environment.

Our fume extraction technologies can be used as part of one system or as standalone units, depending on your requirements.

Evolution Fume extraction Arm
Fume extraction arms
fume extraction arm
fume extraction hose reel

Hose Reels


The AP/AM/AE/AER spring driven hose reels are naturally used for the suction of exhaust gases as the suction takes place directly from the emission source.


Principle of operation

The suction inlet is applied to the vehicle exhaust pipe. The sucked exhaust gas runs through the winders' reinforced rubber hose, until it reaches the main intake manifold. The necessary vacuum is produced by a centrifugal fan, which will expel the air into the atmosphere.


Energy saving

As the suction inlet is positioned directly in the exhaust gas production source, only the contaminated air will be expelled. Therefore this will avoid wasting energy, especially during the winter season.


Clean-GO Mobile Welding Stations

Electrostatic wheeled unit for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, gases, vapours, aerosols, etc..



The wheeled CLEANGO filter is a compact unit on wheels, which is used for intermittent extraction of smoke and dust. Because of its small size, ease of use and efficiency of operation, the wheeled CLEANGO filter is the true solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration of solvent vapours, aerosols, in workplaces. It is therefore intended for those sectors that need easy to carry, small suction and filtration means, which are strong and easy to manoeuvre.


Maintenance of the machine only involves the replacement of the filters, which is an operation that requires short time and unskilled staff. The vacuum provides good uptake of harmful welding fumes without extracting technical gases or cooling the welding causing dangerous contractions of the metal.


The extraction is carried out through the EVOLUTION NO SMOKE extraction arm or Dynaflex Fume Arm then the air reaches the cartridge filter made of cellulose. Optional activated carbon cartridge to be inserted inside the cellulose cartridge.


A wall mounted version CLEANGO WALL is available.

CleanGo portable fume extraction

Poliweld Downdraft Table

Airflow capacity up to 5,000 m3/hr.
Motor Size 3kw.

Downdraft bench with cellulose cartridge filters, spark trap metal filters, soundproofed centrifugal fan with switch, front wall, manometer. Painted or galvanised versions available.

Poliweld downdraft table

JetClean Heavy Duty Mobile Fume Extraction

The 1.1kw CLEANING DF horizontal cartridge filters are wheeled filters that are used for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction, and filtration of fine and coarse dust, and filtering small quantities of chips. Made in painted sheet metal, with a panelled structure, they are equipped with attachments for suction arms UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE or EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE. The CLEANING DF cartridge filters are suitable for indoor use.

  • 24m2 filter surface area. 

  • 1880 m3/hr nominal airflow

  • 1550 m3/hr air arm flow

  • 145 kg

Principle of operation

The centrifugal fan, placed in the upper part of the horizontal CLEANING DF cartridge filter, guarantees the required vacuum in order to extract the polluted air through the air intake. The air then passes through a vertical pre-chamber: most of the dust will then be separated by decantation and the heavier dust will be collected in the underlying collection tray. Afterward, the air reaches a filtering section with high-efficiency cartridge filters, which provide for the filtration of any residual dust. In a second collector, the filtered finer powders will then be deposited. The filtered air passes through the high-efficiency centrifugal fan, which ensures a high suction while maintaining low noise and is expelled through a grill placed on the upper wall of the plenum. 

Perfect filtration efficiency.

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